logoNegaWatt Ltd is a leading Energy Services Company (ESCO) headquartered in Nairobi, with a branch in Uganda and operations across East Africa.

Our engineering solutions make business and financial sense, based on the broad expertise, competencies and knowledge of our engineering team. We increase your business efficiency by reducing your energy consumption, operating costs and reliance on expensive grid power and fossil fuel thermal energy.

At NegaWatt, we conduct comprehensive and investment grade Energy Audits and implement turn-key Energy Saving Projects through Feasibility Studies as part of a dedicated energy management plan for our clients. Our qualified team of professional engineers has the necessary experience to conduct such services for a broad range of building types and industrial facilities.

business-meeting-casey-shaking-hands-businessmen-each-other-silhouette-going-same-direction-52916933We are extremely committed to building long term relationships with our clients and providing the absolute best customer service.