Industrial, Commercial and Residential electrical works are completely different in terms of energy needs, load demands, and equipment setup. They also require different classes of materials and procedures. NegaWatt Limited specializes in Commercial and Industrial electrical work.

Industrial Installations

CR4071-04rs.jpgAt NegaWatt we have the capabilities to carry out plant and process installations and have completed turnkey solutions in all fields of industry from food production, stock feed blending and processing, petrochemical, plastics manufacturing and more.

Commercial Installations

Commercial-BuildingWhether it be a large or small scale office building or complex, shopping centre or even a school, this service is rendered by our deft team of experts who have vast knowledge in their associated field. In this service, our experts provide wiring and equipment installations for the whole place. Before providing this service, our dexterous professionals completely understand the precise needs of our prestigious clients.

Other services include:

  • Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Emergency Service, Fault Finding & Repairs
  • Lighting Design, Exit & Emergency Lighting
  • Installations & Project Management
  • Thermal Graphic Scanning
  • Switchboard Labelling, Circuit Tracing & Identification
  • RCD Testing, Safety Switches, Testing & Tagging
  • Data & Communication Services

Partnering with international companies that provide support enables us to take on any scale project with the utmost competency and organization.


ElMeasure has adopted the philosophy of striving for continuous product innovation. This is the first time in Elmeasure history to develop the device in tariff construction. Like all other Meters, this also includes a lot of unique distinguishing properties. The design is completely microcontroller based thus provides effective solutions to the electrical service providers. Most power distribution companies face major challenges in recovering electricity bills on time. ElMeasure has developed a unique Contactless Prepaid Energy Meter which acts as a direct revenue interface between power distribution companies and the consumers.

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